Hi! Welcome to my website. My name is Bowen Chen. I am an agricultural economist by training and earned my PhD at the Kansas State University in 2019. Dr. Nelson Villoria was my advisor.

I currently work for Bunge at its global headquarter located in Saint Louis as a data scientist. Before joining Bunge, I worked for Bayer Crop Science as a data scientist co-op and also worked as a postdoctoral scholar in the Gramig Lab led by Dr. Benjamin Gramig at the University of Illinois.

My fields of interests are international trade and production economics. My research goal is to understand the roles of international trade and conservation practices in mitigating climate change impacts on the global agriculture. I have dealt extensively with fine-scale geospatial and temporal data with applications to modern statistical models, econometrics, and data science tools. By joining Bunge, I seek to better understand challenges faced by the global food supply chain and to learn more advanced tools to help address those challenges.

Latest work:

  • usdampr: Request for Livestock Mandatory Reporting data. Accepted by CRAN
  • CropScapeR: Access the U.S. cropland data from Cropland Data Layer. Accepted by CRAN
  • “Conservation Tillage Mitigates Drought Induced Soybean Yield Losses in the US Corn Belt”, Q Open Link.
  • An online dashboard displaying the latest weekly export sales data from the USDA - Foreign Agricultural Services. Link

Papers under review:

  • “A Causal Analysis of the Effect of Conservation Tillage on U.S. Corn and Soybean Yield and Profitability”
  • “Weather Impacts the Agricultural Production Efficiency of Wheat: The Emerging Role of Precipitation Shocks”.